Wulfstan and his contribution to the Anglo Saxon prose

Anglo-Saxon prose had its solid basis under the pioneering achievement of the great English King, Alfred. It had further development and received an artistic gloss at the hand of Aelfric, a great artist in the Anglo-Saxon prose style. Aelfric was followed by another prose writer. He was Wulfstan, a churchman, who, like Aelfric, was a scholar, and possessed of a rich and impetuous prose style.

Wulfstan, like Aelfric, was an artist, and he added to the growth of the forceful impulsive English prose style. His Letter, addressed to the English, is acclaimed still now as a remarkable specimen of Anglo-Saxon prose. This reveals his patriotic zeal as well as impulsive mode of writing. The Letter is a passionate and patriotic exhortation to the English nation to stand against the aggression of the savage Danes. Wulfstan’s another remarkable work is Homilies which contains rich instructive sermons, given out in a telling manner, that easily impresses and convinces the audience.

Wulfstan was an inspired author-a Christian as well as patriot. He is found to have a style, vigorous and penetrative. His style is marked with both sincerity and impulsiveness. Indeed, in the making of Anglo-Saxon prose, Wulfstan’s contribution must not be at all ignored.

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