Write a short note on sources of “Riders to the Sea.” by J.M.Synge

W. B. Yeats suggested to J.M.Synge that he should go to Aran Islands off the West coast of Ireland and take the experiences from the place rather than stay in France. Synge accepted the advice heartily and got the sources in writing his play. He paid several visits to these Islands and made a minute study of the simple lives of the peasants and fishermen living there. He participated in their joys and sorrows, their habits and manners, and their beliefs and superstitions. He wrote his play on the basis of what he saw and heard in these islands. To quote Skelton — “In the Aran Islands he found his vision of human nature and of the human predicament.” The play is based on his experiences during his third and fourth visits to these islands. The atmosphere, the ‘recognitions scene’, the white Boards, keening for the dead, ‘Bride Dara’ story, the ghost of Michael, Bartley’s death, Maurya’s last sentence all are taken from his experiences of the life of Aran Islanders.

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