What is Romans d’adventure and its examples

Romans d’adventure is a kind of fictional narratives of the 12th and 13th c. They were usually in verse (commonly octosyllabic couplets), but were sometimes composed in prose, or in a mixture of prose and verse. The principal themes were love and chivalry and, like most romances, they were intended solely as entertainment (largely for women). In this period some of the more distinguished works were: Ipomedon; Partenopeu; Guillaume de Dole; Aucassin et Nicolette; Le Châtelain de Coucy; Guillaume de Palerme; Floire et Blancheflor; Robert le Diable. Aucassin et Nicolette is an outstanding instance of the mixture of prose and verse. Two well-known prose romances were Conte du roi Constant l’empereur and Le Roi Flore et la belle Jeanne.

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