Tautology: Defintition, meaning and Examples

The term ‘tautology’ has come from Greek ‘tauto’, meaning the ‘same’, and ‘logic’ means ‘way of speaking’. It means etymologically ‘to make the same statement as already made’. In fact, when the same fact or idea is repeated in different words or expressions, the case becomes one of tautology.

For example, when it is said- ‘This is a true fact’, there is a tautology, for ‘true’ and ‘fact’ carry the same sense and the former word is redundant.

Some more examples of tautology are given below:

1. He felt quite tired and well exhausted.

This is an example of Tautology as ‘tired’ and ‘exhausted’ carry the same meaning.

2. I saw that with my own eyes.
3. He was the king and lord of his state.

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