Summary of King Horn, a middle English verse romance

King Horn is an early surviving Middle English verse romance in 1,545 lines, dating from the late 13th century. This poem is currently believed to be the oldest extant romance in Middle English. The story is about Horn, the son of king Murry of Suddene. When King Murry had been killed by invading Saracens, Horn and his other companions were captured them. Later thery were freed by the emir of Saracens and went to Westernesse.  Horn falls in love with Rymenhild, the daughter of the king of Westernesse. Horn’s companion Fikenhild betrayed the lovers, had Horn banished to Ireland, and married Rymenhild himself. After heroic deeds in Ireland, Horn returns to Westernesse in disguise and makes himself known to Rymenhild. Finally, having recovered his land of Suddene, he killed Fikenhild and married Rymenhild, who becomes his queen. This romance exemplifies many traditional motifs typical of the genre.

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