Sobha De and Her Important Works

Sobha De, an Indian columnist and novelist was born in 1948, in Mumbai. Though she began her career as a modeller, later she worked as editor of various famous magazines. In her writing, we find the life of the stars and the complex relationships of city life.


Speedpost, published in 1999, is a series of letters to author’s six children. The book describes pain, pleasure, the responsibility of the parents, anxiety towards life, etc. The book also deals with the concept of love, sex, and religion.

Second Thoughts was published in 1996. It deals with the plight of the life of Maya. Maya wants to move from Calcutta to Mumbai, a life full of light. She is married to a handsome wealthy boy but she discovers that the boy is conservative and does not bother about her desire. She spends her life in loneliness. Nikhil, the neighbour of her, accompanies Maya to the college. Maya falls in love with him but gets betrayed.

Starry Nights, published in 1991, deals with the dark side of the life of the stars. It depicts the life of Asha Rani, the protagonist. Sobha De has beautifully presented the struggling life of the actress. The book shows how young girls are being cheated and exploited in the dark world of the stars in the name of a break.

Socialite Evenings is Sobha De’s debut novel. In this novel, De describes the life of rich people. The setting of the story is Mumbai. Here she describes how the rich people use to keep their wives for social status, not tor love or affections. The wives also do not feel love for their husbands and they involve in a smug extramarital affair, by which they try to come out of their boring life.


  • Shobhaa at Sixty’ (2010)
  • Sandhya’s secret (2009)
  • Speedpost (1999)
  • Surviving Men (1998)
  • Selective Memory (1998)
  • Second Thoughts (1996)
  • Small betrayals (1995)
  • Shooting from the hip (1994)
  • Sultry Days (1994)
  • Uncertain Liaisons (1993)
  • Sisters (1992)
  • Starry Nights (1989)
  • Socialite Evenings (1989)