Short Questions and Answers from “To the Skylark” by P.B.Shelly

1. How does Shelley describe the Skylark?

Shelley describes the skylark as a “blithe spirit’. He does not look upon it as a mere bird of flesh and blood. He fancies it as ‘an unbodied joy’, that has just come into existence.

2. Describe, after Shelley, the flight of the skylark.

The poet describes, in a romantic manner, the flight of the skylark. The bird flies from this earth. It moves higher and higher like, ‘a cloud of fire’. The skylark flies very high in the deep blue sky. It flies above the cloud that is brightened by the light of the setting sun. It floats and runs from one end of the sky to another. The light of the day fades away in course of its mysterious flight.

3. How is the Skylark’s song described?

The poet also describes the song of the skylark. The skylark sings as it soars. It ‘sings and soars, soars and sings’. It remains invisible in the deep high sky. But its delightful song touches all. The song of the bird is clear, pointed and enchanting. lt fills the earth and the sky with joy divine. The beauty of its song is beyond any comparison. No sight or sound can be compared to it.

4. What images are drawn by Shelley to describe the nature of the bird?

The poet draws several apt images to describe the nature of the bird. The skylark is compared to an idealistic poet. Like the poet, it remains unknown. But its song, like the message of the poet, reaches all. The skylark is also likened to a high born maiden. Like her, it is unseen, but its melodious song is heard. The bird is further likened to a glowworm and a rose. Like them, it remains invisible. But its song, like their beauty, is appreciated by all.

5. How does Shelley show the bird’s superiority to man?

The poet tries to measure the source of inspiration for the bird’s song. The song of the skylark is superior to all the songs of humanity. There is no sense of decay or disgust in it. The bird’s song is far sweeter than all harmonious melodies. It is far wiser than all the treasures of human knowledge.

6. What does Shelley request the skylark and why?

Shelley requests the skylark to teach him half of its gladness. He wants to be inspired by the instinctive joy of the bird. His purpose is to sing to inspire the human world by the joy of his song and to keep this spellbound as he remains himself now enchanted by the song of the bird.