O.P.Bhatnagar and his Famous Works

O. P.Bhatnagar, one of India’s prominent poet of the modern age, was born in 1930 in Agra. He is considered to be a poet of political conflicts, corruption, etc. Bhatnagar in his poetry always portrays the socio-political scenario of India. The temperament of the time is very much reflected in his poetry.


Thought Poems is the first collection of Bhatnagar, which published in 1976. This collection of poetry deals with the theme of politics, freedom, predictions of future, besides these things the poet questions the duty and honesty of those who are enough wealthy to support the country. The Bonds of Country Care, The New Scale, etc. are the famous poems of this collection.

Feeling Fossils is the second collection of poetry of O.P. Bhatnagar. It was published in 1977. This collection of poetry is the indirect treatment of corrupted Indian politics. It talks about the plight and suffering of the poor. It expresses the poet’s frustration of illiteracy, poverty, injustice etc. Crossing the Bar, No Man’s Land etc. are the important poem of this collection.

Angels of Retreat, published in 1980, is his third volume of poetry. It questions the very task of the historians, who records
the history of the privileged, and ignores the great majority of people. This collection of poetry is satiric in tone.


  • Thought Poems (1976),
  • Feeling Fossils (1977),
  • Angels of Retreat (undated),
  • The Audible Landscape (1986)
  • Oneric Visions (1980)
  • Shadows in Floodlight (1984)
  • Cooling Flames of Darkness (2001)