Justify the title of the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge” by Wordsworth

“Upon the Westminster Bridge” by Wordsworth is a poem describing London as a beautiful city clothed in the morning sunlight with its ships, towers, domes, theatres, temples, and river Tames. Actually  Wordsworth wrote this poem while crossing the Westminster Bridge with Dorothy, his sister on their way to France. The calmness and quietness of the morning scene impressed him deeply and that is the source of the poem.

To the poet, Earth has never shown more beauty to anyone than seen by the poet while crossing the Westminster Bridge. The city of London is beautifully decorated with the first rays of the morning sun. Everything is silent and bare as all are in slumber and rest and the commercial activities of the city have not started yet. Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and churches are open to the poet’s view in the midst of the field and sky. Everything is bright and glittering as in the morning the air is smokeless. So the visibility is clear. The valley and rock, hill become full of grandeur with the help of the sunlight. But to the poet, all those beauties are not as beautiful as seen by the poet in London. It surpasses every other beauty seen by him.

He thanks God to provide him such a chance of enjoyment of natural beauty. So, here the title is justified. The title tells us the situation, wherefrom and when he has the blessings of God to enjoy the beauty of London surrounded by beautiful nature. It also establishes Wordsworth as a true lover of Nature.