Justify the title of the essay The Town Week by E.V.Lukas

In the essay The Town Week, E.V. Lucas describes the peculiar character of each of the seven days of the week. It is however the moods of the people that determine the character of the week-days. The moods of the people who live in town go to the country to pass the weekend. The mood of the town men for a day depends on its distance from Saturday and Sunday.

The essay The Town Week is a light humorous essay in which Lucas describes how our moods determine the character of the days of the week. Thus our mood on Monday is one of revolt and idling away time; that on Tuesday one of reconciliation to work: that on Wednesday one of activity: that on Thursday one of rest; that on Friday one of excitement and anticipation. The mood on Saturdays and Sundays differs from person to person. Most of the people’s mood on Saturday is one of part work and part pleasure, but all restlessness. The mood of the godly on Sundays is one of the worship: that of the ungodly one of anxiety.

According to the author, the people of the country-side do not bother about at all whether it is a Monday or a Tuesday. They find no difference between a Wednesday and Thursday or between a Friday and a Saturday. All the days are same to them. But to the people of the town each day appears or comes with its peculiar character.

As the author, E. V. Lucas analyses the peculiarities of the different days of the week from the viewpoint of a town-dweller, so he calls his essay The Town Week.

Thus the title of the essay The Town Week is very much apt and appropriate.