Justify the Significance of the title of the poem Brotherhood by Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz is a modern poet of the latter half of the 20h century. For him, poetry is the secret religion of the modern age. Like the constant revolution of the cosmic system, the revolution of words creates the existence of human beings in a renewed way through poetry. So like the other poems of Paz, ‘Brotherhood’ also is a poem of beautiful creative genius. This poem shows the originality of thinking with the highly symbolic presentation.

The poem “Brotherhood’ becomes the search for rhythmic correspondences in the universe where every part is related to each other in an everlasting bond. Here comes the idea of brotherhood. Human existence amid the great universe is finite and very negligible. But there is a cosmic force that binds every object in the universe. So, human existence becomes a vital part of that great rhythmic process.  Brotherhood- the concept of great bondage of soul becomes established with all the moveable objects of this great universal system.

Brotherhood is an idea of the relationship between different entities that work organically. In the universe, the presence of a human being like the poet may seem negligible. Although the apparent life for us is too short, brotherhood can be found with the stars, with all the objects how far those may be from us. Every object is bound with another object. So not only stars write, but we also are written with everlasting bondage. Brotherhood becomes established.