Discuss on the periodical The Rambler (1750-1752)

“The Rambler” was a notable periodical written by Samuel Johnson, a prominent English writer, poet, and lexicographer. It was published between 1750 and 1752. This series of essays, totaling 208 in all, were written over the span of two years and were widely read during that time. In “The Rambler,” Samuel Johnson covered many topics, including morality, literature, society, and human nature. Each essay thoughtfully explored various subjects, often containing moral lessons, philosophical insights, and witty observations.

The periodical was known for its eloquent and thought-provoking prose, which showcased Johnson’s mastery of the English language and his ability to engage readers in intellectual discourse. The essays were published twice a week and were widely circulated, contributing to Johnson’s reputation as one of the leading literary figures of his time. “The Rambler” played a significant role in shaping 18th-century English literature and thought. It provided a platform for Johnson to express his views on society and culture, and his essays continue to be studied and appreciated for their enduring relevance and literary merit.

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