Difference between Mystery or Miracle play and Morality play

Mystery play or Miracle play Versus Morality play

1. For Mystery play, materials are drawn from scriptural accounts or the lives of saints – from the Testaments, Old and New- and written in the verse form. On the other hand, materials for Morality plays are based on the moral aspects of human life- man in his evil temptation and moral triumph and presented in the verse form.

2. The length is comparatively short for Mystery or Miracle play. On the other hand, Miracle play is much longer than Mystery play.

3. The objective of Morality or Mystery play is to impart scriptural lessons and instruct Biblical truths. And, the objective of Moral play is to bring about ethical and spiritual elevation.

4. Actors are casual and amateur for Mystery plays, and for Morality plays, the actors were most professional.

5. Performance for Mystery or Miracle plays were given first inside the church premises and thereafter in the marketplace and on mobile wagons. On the other hand, performances of Morality plays were generally given inside the aristocratic halls of the courts of different nobles or inns.

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