A short summary of the story “Leela’s Friend” by R.K.Narayan

The story ‘Leela’s Friend’ is about a girl named Leela. Her father, Mr. Sivasanker was desperately in search of a servant when Sidda came in front of the house. Mr. Sivasanker scrutinized him, questioned him, and expressed a favorable opinion about him. He was appointed as a servant and was entrusted with the duty of looking after Leela, their-five-year old daughter. Sidda worked hard. He did all the household chores he was asked to do. He became Leela’s playmate. His company made Leela happy. He played with Leela and also taught her the little tricks of nature.

Leela was overjoyed at the lovely little tricks Sidda had shown to her. She played the role of a teacher to Sidda, but Sidda was not interested in learning. After dinner, she grew a habit of hearing Sidda telling stories. Sidda was a storehouse of many interesting stories. Gradually their mutual bond grew stronger. One evening, Leela’s mother noticed that the gold chain that Leela had been wearing was missing. Sidda was suspected of the theft. He vanished from the house, and the incident was reported to the police. Mr. Sivasanker was informed by the policemen that Sidda was an old criminal, and had been sent to jail half a dozen times for stealing jewelry from children.

Four days later Sidda was brought to the house by a police inspector. Leela’s father and mother blamed him for the treachery, but Sidda did not answer. Leela always stood by her friend, Sidda, but her protest was not considered by the police inspector. Sidda was taken back to the police station. Even after every possible interrogation, he did not confess his guilt. Mr. Sivasanker and his wife wondered at the stubbornness of Sidda. Then after a few days, Leela’s chain was found in the tamarind pot. Leela’s father told his wife that he would inform the police about the fact that the chain was found. Yet he was not ready to employ Sidda again as he had been already recognized as a criminal.