A Short Paragraph on Cinema- Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Cinema is a Greek word meaning moving. It now means moving pictures. Pictures are flashed on a white screen with the help of a machine. The pictures move, talk and sing on a screen as living men and women. The cinema was invented by the great American scientist Mr. Edison. At first, it was silent. The pictures could neither speak nor sing. They only moved. Then it became talking.

Theatre is an old method of instruction throughout the world, In old days, these used to be organized on religious occasions only. Later on, they became more popular. They were then utilized for popular amusements. Cinema is another form of such amusement.

The difference between a theatre and a cinema is that while the former is held on the stage with living men and women, the latter is shown on the screen. Millions of people visit the cinema daily throughout the world. Nowadays, even small towns and villages have their own cinema houses where pictures are shown daily-twice or thrice. After a hard day’s labour, outside or at home, people want to have some entertainments. Cinemas are best suited for them because these are cheap. The people can see not only the pictures of their own country but also those of other countries as well.

Apart from entertainment, cinema has a great educative value. It gives us the up-to-date information about our country as also gt the world. Some important events that take place in the world are flashed on the screen, for information of the visitors. Events of international importance are also exhibited here. Educative films are also shown to the students in public houses or in schools.

But there are good pictures and bad pictures. We should be therefore always particular about them. Good pictures may not always elevate us, but bad pictures are sure to degrade us. Nowadays, most of the products are careless about public morals. They care more for money and produce all sorts of nasty pictures. These pictures should be avoided at all costs, as these always excite us to commit social crimes.

It is important, therefore, that attention should be given to produce good pictures. Great directors of the world producing films which are of great artistic merit. They give us glimpses of many aspects of life. In India, Satyajit Roy through his films like ‘Pather Panchali’ and ‘Aparajita’ and other films has raised the cinema to a great artistic level. The Governments are also now encouraging film industry. Cinema is now regarded not only as a medium of entertainment and instruction but also as a form of art.