A short note on the periodical Tel Quel by Phillipe Sollers

In 1960 the French novelist and critic Phillipe Sollers (1936-) founded the literary periodical Tel Quel, and later he outlined its objectives in his discourse Logiques (1968). The aims are basically ideological and activist, as well as aesthetic. One of its aims is to restore to language its original revolutionary power, and it advances the principle that ‘literature is language made with language’.

Tel Quel school, which has been influenced by, among others, Roland Barthes, and also by theories of semiotics and semiology, has been particularly concerned to promote interest in and more understanding of such French writers as the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-98), Lautréamont (1846-70) and Antonin Artaud (1896 1948), who had a considerable influence on theatre and drama in the 20th c.

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