A short note on Money novel or business novel or economic novel

Money novel is also known as the ‘business novel’ or the ‘economic novel. The narrative of this novel is constructed around the process of money-making or the machinery of business; and shows the political, social, and acquisitive power conferred by these activities. Often cast as rags-to-riches stories (with both men and women as protagonists), money novels make epic or poetic the intricacies of dealing, markets, and financial cunning; money novel heroes have epic and sometimes Faustian qualities, their activities being translated into forms of conflict and conquest.

The Gilded Age (1860-1900) and its aftermath (especially in America) and the 1980s produced notable examples: Frank Norris’s The Pit (1902), Theodore Dreiser’s “Trilogy of Desire”(1913-47), and Upton Sinclair’s The Money Changers (1909) are ancestors of Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities (1987), Po Bronson’s The Bombardiers (1995), and Caryl Churchill’s Serious Money (1987).

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